News and customers

News and customers
January 2019 - Tariff News! - Tariff news! - Litezupp is proud that we design, build/assemble and test our units in the USA. With that said, Litezupp does import certain materials and specialty items in order to build our parts. With the ongoing tariffs that have been put in place, some unit pricing (Headlamps) has been impacted by these tariffs. We will continue to hold prices but note that tariffs may impact pricing.
Austin Healey 100 with new Litezupp tail lights
Austin Healey with new Litezupp headlamps
46 Pontiac with Litezupp running lamps
46 Pontiac with Litezupp brake LEDs
1940's Ford with Litezupp 6V LEDs
Mid March 2019 - We are now offering 6V headlamps in negative ground or you can use our convertier for positive ground systems.
Early March 2019 - We are offering positive ground dash LEDs (green E10, White E10, BA9S Bayonet base) and exterior LEDs for older cars.
Septermer 2018 - New kits have been added for Triumph, MG and Austin Healey. Also we will be offering the  4"x6", 6"x7" rectangular lamps as well as the 5 3/4" round LED headlamps.
August  2018 - New 12V positive to negative converter allows headlamps to be used in positive ground systems.
March 2018 - Litezupp is now selling 7" round LED Headlamps! These are high qality glass headlamps (not plastic), and come with the latest 3 gen LED technolgy from Cree.
November 2017 - We have decided to continue the Litezupp sale! Updates to the web site, especially the kit pricing is coming soon!
June 2017
The Litezupp Summer Sale is here! Check out the savings!
November 2016
We have updated the checkout process that hopefully makes it easier. As always, if you have a question please contact us at
April 2016
White LED dash lamps now on the web site.
Litezupp has new Wedge based LEDs for modern cars in developemnt. Watch for new developments coming soon!
March 2016
We have updated the web site for a cleaner look and easier navigation.
New products that will be added to the web site soon - white LED dash lamps are in stock, 6VDC electronic flashers and new wedge base tail lights.
Dec 31, 2013
We would like to welcome our new UK and Europeanean distributor, LiteZupp Europe! Their website  is live and looks great!
To all of our customers in the UK and Europe please visit for enquiries or to order product.

November 27, 2013
Several have asked about how to hook up the Litezupp Flasher. See our app note in the applications page!

September 23, 2013 **NOTICE** The shop will be closed for two weeks beginning September 25, 2013 so I can attend Triumphest in San Rafael, CA.  We will have a company table in the Vendor area.   I will return on October 10, 2013.

May 22, 2013  I will be attending British Car Week in Hot Springs Village Arkansas next week.  The current schedule calls for a talk on LED Lighting for Antique Cars on Thursday (a week from tomorrow).  If you are coming I hope to be able to visit with you.

May 6, 2013 Bruce Skaggs just completed upgrading is TR3B positive ground Triumph by adding our latest LED Flasher along with LED Turn Signal Lights.  Here is some of Bruce's email.

"The bracket that I used to attach the flasher to the car is a 3/4 PVC conduit clamp that I bought in the electric dept. at Home Depot.  I painted mine black to match my wiring.  I drilled two holes and attached with #10 sheet metal screws.  On my car the old flasher was attached to the body with a 3/16 bolt and that served as ground also.  I changed the end of your flasher ground to a ringed terminal and and reattached the ground to that bolt.  I also had to put new ends on my three wires as the old ones were held on with $4 screws and ring terminals.  I also put a small piece of padding under the flasher so it would not ride against the metal of the body.  This also made the flasher very snug.

The results of installing the brake lights and the turn signals is dramatic.  You can now see the car lights from a good distance away.  This is really a major improvement in safety.   Bruce"

April 2013 --- Welcome to the LiteZupp Industries, LLC updated website.  We think that you will find the product information more detailed and the product pictures a better representation of the product you are viewing.  If you discover any part of the website that  needs some additional work, please send a note to .