Electronic Flashers for use with LED Lamps

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Product no.: LFM2NPG

Electronic Flasher, 2 Prong, 12 Volt, non polarized.

Can be used in either a Negative or Positive ground system

$19.95 *
Product no.: LFM3NPG

Electronic Flasher 3 Prong 12 Volt, no polarity

Can be used in negative or positive Ground systems

$19.95 *
Product no.: LFM3PG

Flasher Module, 12 Volt, 3 Prong, Positive Ground

$19.95 *
Product no.: LXFM3PG

Flasher Electronic 3 Prong 6 Volt Positive Ground

$19.95 *
Product no.: LXFM3NG

Electronic Flasher, 6 Vdc, negative ground

$19.95 *
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