Accessories and other items

Accessories and other items

A collection of products that we have developed to make it easier to use LEDs

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Product no.: LDB1 kit

LDB1 is a 1 amp full wave diode bridge used to isolate a circuit. Useful when isolating the Dash turn indicator on a TR6.

Kit includes steering diode bridge, 4 quick connects and a length of ground wire.

$5.00 *
Product no.: LRLY1

 The RLY1 is designed to provide isolation for a  cruise control input. .Many aftermarket cruise controls will not operate properly with LED lights, e.g., the cruise control input cannot detect ground through LED.

$10.00 *


Product no.: LPWM1

The LPWM1 is a Pulse Width Modulation 12V negative ground dimmer for dash bulb dimming applications.

The basic LED is a current controlled device, i.e., constant voltage and vary the current to dim.

There are two methods for dimming LEDs, using a curent controller or a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) scheme.


$19.95 *
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