AH Sprite MK1 58-61

Product no.: AH Sprite MK1 58-61
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AH Sprite MK1 Summary - For 12V systems      
Function Color Part # Qty
Rear Brake/Run  Red LR57RNP 2
Rear Turn (Amber can be supplied) Red L56RNP 2
License Plate  White LDB12WNP 1 PR
Front Turn/Park  White L57WNP 2
Dash White E10 Screw (Fuel 1, Speedo 1, Tach 1, Oil 1,  Beam 1, Turn 1) White* LDS12WNP 3 PR
Spacer Dash Lamp   Spacer 4
Electronic Flasher (LFM3NG neg gnd, LFM3PG pos gnd)   LFM3xG 1
Part Number: AH Sprite MK1 58-61       
* Contact us if you prefer a diferent color      
Note: Litezupp does not recommend replacing the IGN lamp with an LED    
See our app note "Replacing IGN Lamp"      

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Price does not include sales tax or delivery

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