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TR6 auxiliary light for extra rear visibility in traffic.

The auxiliary light can be connected as an additional running light or as a brake light and is designed to fit in the rain gutter of the Triumph TR6 trunk.

This auxiliary light does not require any permanent mounting holes etc. to the tub. It slides into the rain channel for the trunk lid near the fuel filler. There is just enough clearance in the panel gap and arc of the edge of the trunk lid for the light. It is provided with enough wire to wind around the trunk to the left side taillight. Detailed installation instructions are included with the unit and on the “Documents” page of this website.

Simple installation: clean the rain gutter and lift up the trunk seal. Prepare the double-sided mounting tape on the bottom of the light, then slide the light down into the gutter whilst holding it firmly against the forward surface of the gutter. Cut a small hole through the trunk seal for the wire and run the wire around to the taillight. Protect the wire from sharp edges and hold in place with gaffer tape. This auxiliary light does not meet any DOT or other regulatory requirements and is installed solely at the discretion of the owner. 

Note:Rear luggage racks may block light visibility.

The light housing is ABS plastic with red lens, a 9 LED strip, double back sticky pads for mounting and approximately 6 ft of two conductor wire terminated for installation.

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