LDB12-10CC series, BA9S Bayonet base

Product no.: LDB12-10CC series
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Litezupp 10 LED, BA9S bayonet base lamp. No polarity

No polarity so works on negative and positive ground LED systems.

29mm (1.14") long.

Constant current type so it is not Dimmable

Comes in Blue, Green, and White.

Typicaly used in side marker, license plate or other lamp applications where dimming in not needed.

You will find that these lamps produce more light than the incandescent lamps they replace and run much cooler. The Screw Base lamps have a connection in the center of the base for a 12 volt connection. LiteZupp lamps are guaranteed for 2 years from the purchase date against failure due to materials and workmanship. Price is for two LED bulbs.

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Price does not include sales tax or delivery

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