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The LPWM1 is a pulse width modulation based dimmer. It is typically used for dimming dash LEDs in negative ground systems.

LPWM1 specifications

  • Input: 12V dc negative ground
  • Output: 12V dc pwm signal, max. 3 A output, off/on position plus min to max brightness
  • Dimensions (approx.)  L (not including shaft) 1.375" x W 1.25" x .75"
  • Shaft length .56", standard 6mm diameter
  • Ships with mounting nut and knob.


The following Litezupp LEDs are compatilbe with the dimmer.

E10 screw base - LDS12-5 series, LDS12-18DS series 

T10 wedge base - LDW12-5 series, LDW12-18DS series

BA9S Bayonet base - LDB12-5 series, LDB12-18DS series

Note: Some constant current LEDs may not be dimmable with this unit such as the Litezupp Lxx12-10CC series.

When installing, if you have a rheostat, you can either set it to max or bypass it.

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