MG Midget 70-74

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MG Midget '70-'74

Exterior Signalling LED Kit        
Function Color Ind. # Part # Qty.
Rear Run/Brake LED   Red GLB380/1157 L57RNP  2
Rear turn LED  Amber GLB382/1156 L56ANP  2
Backup LED  White GLB273 LDF12WNP-41 1 PR
License Plate White GLB643 LDB12WNP 1 PR
Rear Side marker  Red GLB643 LDB12RNP-10CC 1 PR
Front Turn LED  Amber GLB380/1157 L57ANP  2
Front Side marker Amber GLB643 LDB12ANP-10CC 1 PR
Flasher turn   2 pin + ground LFM2NG 1
Flasher Hazard   2 pin + ground LFM2NG 1
Interior Dash and other LED Kit        
Function Color Ind. # Part # Qty.
Illumination (Speedo 1, tach 1, fuel 1, temp 1) White* GLB987 LDS12WN-18DS 2 PR
Signaling dash LEDs (Turn 2,  oil pressure 1, high beam 1),  IGN/charge not supplied White GLB987 LDS12WN-18DS 2 PR
Courtesy lamp White GLB239 LDF12WNP-36 1 PR
Trunk Lamp White GLB239 LDF12WNP-36 1
1. If you have a new wiring harness check to make sure the sockets are the same configuration as original. 
2. Litezupp does not recommend replacing the IGN lamp with an LED    
See our app note "Replacing IGN Lamp"        
3. Contact us if you prefer other Dash Illumination colors        
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