TR6 Dash LED Kit (TR6,TR250, Spitfire)

Product no.: TR6 & Other LED Kit Dash
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TR6 and others Dash LED kit      Yrs. 68-76


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Dash LED - Illumination (Speedo 2, Tach 2, Oil 1, Temp 1, fuel 1, Volts 1)

TR250, TR6 '69-'72 Blue, TR6 '73-'76 Green

Varies* LDS12GNP-18DS 4 PR
Dash LED-  (Bright, turn, Oil), plus (haz,  brake for early TR6) White LDS12WNP-18DS 3 Pr
Diode Bridge (Dash turn signal mod to ensure proper operation)   LDB1 1

Part Number: TR6 & Other LED Dash Kit


* Select LED Color for Gauge Illumination ports: The TR250 and '69 - '72 TR6 black ring gauges have blue plastic filters embedded in the illumination ports, while the '73-'76 TR6 silver ring gauges have green plastic filters embedded. Select LED Color option for preferred Illumination color. You may want to consider removing filters if changing colors from original.      
** New wiring harness? The center gauge cluster may be using different bulbs like T10 wedge vs E10 screw. Let us know in the notes section when ordering.    
*** Litezupp does not recommend replacing the IGN bulb with an LED.      
 See our App note "Replacing IGN Lamp with LED".      


Dash LEDs are not dimmable with the stock rheostat. Dimming requires a variable current source or a PWM controller like the Litezupp LPWM1.


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