TR7-TR8 LED kit with Running/Brake mod.

Product no.: TR7_8 LED Kit RB
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TR7_8 LED Kit RB                     

The TR7_8 LED Kit RB includes everthing in the standard kit (TR7_8 LED Kit) plus the additional Rear Running lamp and Rear Brake lamp modification that enables the rear lamps to operate as all running and all brake. 

The Running/Brake mod turns the running and brake LEDs to all running and all brake for better visibility. * items are built as an assembly for easy installation.No modification is necessary.

TR7/TR8 LED Kits      
Function Part # Qty.
Rear Running Lamp  LS56RN*  2
Brake Lamp  LR56RN*  2
Rear Turn Lamp LR56AN  2
Front Turn Lamp  L56AN  2
Backup Lamps  LR56WN  2
Flashers  LFM2NG  2
LED Dash Lamps - Green LDW12GNP  2 PR

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