TR7 TR8 LED kit

Product no.: TR7_8 LED Kit
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TR7/TR8 Wedge LED Kits        
Function Color Part # Qty.
Rear Running Lamp  Red LS56RNP*  2
Brake Lamp  Red LR56RNP*  2
Rear Turn Lamp Amber LR56ANP 2
Front Turn Lamp  Amber L56ANP  2
Backup Lamps  White LR56WNP  2
LED Dash Lamps 2 pair Green LDW12GNP  2
License plate Lamps White LDF12WNP36 1 PR
Dash turn indicators Green LDW12GNPT5 1 PR
Front Running Lamp  Amber LDB12ANP-10CC 1 PR
Front Side Marker  Amber LDW12ANP 1 PR
Rear Side Marker Red LDW12RNP 1 PR
Trunk/boot White LDF12WNP36 1 PR
Flashers    LFM2NPG  2
Part Number: TR7_8  LED Kit      
Part Number: TR7_8 LED Kit RB       
Part Number: TR7_8 RBNK      
*Ordering Options:       
1.       TR7/8 kit       
(LED kit includes all parts listed above, Stock configuration  without Running/Brake modification)  
2.       TR7_8 RB kit      
(LED kit includes all parts listed above, with Running/Brake modification)    
* items on RB kit are modified for the  4 lamp running brake and are an assembly.    
3.       TR7_8 RBNK      
(Includes only rear running and brake LEDs with Running/Brake modification, no kit)    
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