Litezupp 4"x6" LED Headlights (pair)

Product no.: L4x6NP-H43G
Price does not include sales tax or delivery

  • Price includes two 4"x6" glass headlamps with 3G H4 LEDs
  • H4656, H4651 equilavent
  • 2000lm/2500lm
  • 18W low beam/24W high beam each bulb - less that half the power used by Halogen bulbs
  • Daylight White Brightness
  • 360° Light Beam Angle
  • High & Low Beam Function work with factory wiring
  • Original 3 Prong Plug Design (Plug & Play)
  • High Quality Glass Faced & Metal Backed
  • Semi-Sealed Beam - Removable / Replaceable Light Bulbs
  • Direct Replacement for stock headlights
  • Fits cars and trucks with 4'x6" rectangular headlights
  • Plug and Play Fitment into stock headlamp bucket depth requires 4.25" from back of lamp to rear of bucket
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