About Litezupp

Our Start    


LiteZupp Industries, LLC had its beginnings in the summer of 2009.  Our friends and fellow club members were our first customers.We wanted to improve the visibility  of our antique cars, and so  brake lights were the first products.

There were other LED lights on the market, but we wanted to offer an easy to install product. But they also needed to work better than the incandescent bulbs they replaced. 

Since we began, we have sold our lamps to antique car enthusiasts across the US and in other countries as well.



When introducing our next offering, turn signal lamps, we encountered a problem. Old style flashers depend on the current  passing through a bimetallic strip. The current then causes the strip to heat and to curl. 

LED lamps are much more efficient, but the current is too low to properly heat the strip. We offer several electronic flashers which overcome this problem.


Why LED Lamps? 

LED lamps offer several advantages over incandescent lamps:

  • More light output
  • Faster response
  • Less heat
  • Lower current draw
  • Better shock and vibration tolerance

But there are also a few drawbacks:

  • Old style turn signal flashers do not work properly with LED lamps. They're instead replaced with an electronic flasher to function correctly.
  • Corrosion in older wiring harnesses create other problems.

Our Goal

Our driving goal at LiteZupp is to produce the best product at a reasonable price. The LED's we choose are of the highest quality. We produce the housings from Aluminum Bar. This may be more expensive than other options, but the result is a superior product. They have a better heat sink area for the LEDs. 

Our designs come from engineers who work with and specialize in optical technology. Add to that years of experience working with LEDs, and the results speak for themselves.

To the point, the products at Litezupp are superior in function. This is true both in their electrical and mechanical applications.

We make excellent products, better than anything else out there! You'll be glad you purchased from us!