MGB Dash Kit 72-76

Product no.: MGB Dash Kit '72-'76
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MGB Dash Kit '72 - '76        
Function Base Type Industry # Qty Litezupp #
Instrument Panel        
Speedometer E10 GLB987 1 LDS12WNP-18DS
Tachometer E10 GLB987 1 LDS12WNP-18DS
Fuel E10 GLB987 1 LDS12WNP-18DS
Oil E10 GLB987 1 LDS12WNP-18DS
Temperature E10 GLB987 1 LDS12WNP-18DS
Switch Illumination and Other      
Cigar/lighter BA9S GLB643 1 LDB12WN
Turn signal Ind BA7S GLB281 2 LDB12WNP7S
Beam BA7S GLB281 1 LDB12WNP7S
IGN/Alternator BA7S GLB281 Note LDB12WNP7S
Headlight Switch BA7S GLB281 1 LDB12WNP7S
Fan Switch BA7S GLB281 1 LDB12WNP7S
Hazard Switch BA7S GLB281 1 LDB12WNP7S
Hazard Indicator BA7S GLB281 1 LDB12WNP7S
Heater Cntl BA7S GLB281 2 LDB12WNP7S
Seat Belts BA7S GLB281 1 LDB12WNP7S
Brake Warning E5 GLB280 1 LDS12WNPE5
Courtesy Festoon GLB239 2 LDF12WNP36
Boot Festoon GLB239 1 LDF12WNP36
Litezupp does not recommend replacing this bulb due to alternator charging characteristics.
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